Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review for Cars 2 the Video Game!

What a fun game!

I'm a BzzAgent and was chosen to have a party and bzz about this game. We had a great time! We didn't have many people come over this time and I was so upset that my camera was dead. I had no batteries in the house to replace them much for all the rechargeable ones around the house. I think the kids eat them!

Anyway let me tell you about this game and how much fun we had playing it. We got it for the Xbox 360 and when it first got here Caiden was so excited! I wouldn't let him play it until he did all his chores. Isn't it funny how when the kids want to play or do something it doesn't take long for them to do their chores? Granted he's only 7 and has a few chores he usually drags when he does them, or tries to get out of doing them. After his chores we went in and played this fun game. We spent a good 2 hours on it the first day...well I did anyway, I think the kids were on it longer. I know, I know that was a bit much for them to be on a video game, but hey it's the summer!

For our party we invited a few of Caiden's friends over, I was happy and sad at the same time. I was happy that only 3 of the boys showed up because they were hyper! But sad we didn't have more we could share the fun with. I think we're going to have another party after school starts, but that's neither here nor there. As for this party and this game the guest loved it! We only have 2 controllers so they had to take turns, which they did nicely, and they couldn't wait for it to be their turn. They loved playing with the different characters and would choose a different one just to hear what they would each say. My favorite of course is Mater. I think Caiden's is Lightning. All in all the kids had so much fun with this game. I'm so glad they had something new to play!

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