Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I've Jumped on That Coupon Train!!!

Granted while I'm not an extreme couponer yet, the matching up of deals is fun!!!  What a rush it was to go into the store and and see the price of my cart going up, and then handing the coupons and watch it go down!!  The other day I was in Kroger and saved $53!!!!!

Reading some of the other blogs and seeing what they use to organize their coupons I'm starting to put me together a binder.   When I was at Wal-Mart the other day I found the perfect binder on the Clearance shelf!  It has the detachable, expandable part on the front where I can label tabs and put the different coupons in for the store I'm going to.  Today I got my sheets to put my coupons in.  I'm so excited!  Now I can't wait for the Sunday newspaper to get the coupons out of and go to the store the next week!

It's coming....

...the Kindle Campaign from BzzAgent!!!!  I so want into this campaign.  I've drooled over a Kindle since they came out, but alas haven't had the ability to get one.  I'm so hoping I'm able to get into this campaign so I can test out one of these nifty little devices!  What would I use my Kindle for if I got one?

1. READING!  Of course!  :)
2. I'd get the Bible on it to take to church.  I've seen a few people with other Kindles and E-Readers at church and I thought to myself how neat is that.  I can quickly find the scripture I was looking for and have more time to pay attention to what the preacher was saying then to have to flip through the pages looking.
3. With 4 of my 3 kids still at home it would be an easy and convenient way to find books to help with their homework.  That and to let them read their favorite books on.
4. I do have 1 child away at college I was reading up on how you can download text books.  I would so test that out and see how easy that is for him...sounds like a great Christmas gift to me!!!(But he can't have mine!  I'd talk my husband into getting him his own!)

Those are just 4 reasons I though about in the last 5 minutes to want one of the Kindles!  Please BzzAgent Jono let me in!

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